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Please join Heiress Productions in giving a thunderous round of applause to our recent donors!

Anonymous: matching donations "Art for Art"

Anonymous: for HOLD


Kathy Adams: for Dianne and Kelly in loving memory of Art Strandemo

Margaret Arthur: Supporting family

Denise Bailey: in memory of Art Strandemo, Firefighter

Laura & Joe Bergquist*: in honor of Kelly Strandemo and HOLD

Colette Berry 

Kay Bolliger

Sommer Burdge: "Art For Art"

Anne C. Cargill: in honor of Dianne Strandemo

Jonathan Castellanos: for Hold

Edward Comer: in honor of Kelly Strandemo and HOLD

Jennifer Connor: In honor of Art Strandemo and HOLD written by my BFF!

Janie & Ronny Dillard: In honor of our long-time friend, Art Strandemo

Candice Eisenhauer 

Wendy Emerick: in memory and honor of Dr. Gary Spitzer 

Rebecca Farrell 

Maura Farver

Deborah Fell*

Jerry & Joyce Giesecki

Robyn Gillis

Phillip Guttmann: in memory of Art Strandemo and in honor of Kelly Strandemo

Sheila Healy*: in honor of Mary Ann & Seamus McKee 

Mandy Hildebrand*: "Art for Art" and in honor of Dianne Strandemo's birthday

Bryce Hill: in honor of Berna Goldstein and Laura Faith 

Hudson Valley Film Festival

Tom & Susie Iden

Alexia Kaval*: in memory of George Antoniades 

Meghan King


Lyn & Justin Kirmse

​Meirille and Robert Kirmse

Gale Kroeger*

Elisabeth & Jurgen Kutscher 

The Doctors Laster 

Cindy Lawrence: "Art for Art" 

London Stock Exchange Group

Rachel Loftus*

Charles & Elizabeth Mariotz* 

Edward and Teresa Martin*

Christine McKnight: in memory of Jessica DeSanta

Lucy Meade 

Richard & Joan Means*

Martha Naylor

Ethan Paulini: in memory of Deirdre Paulini and Art Strandemo

Polly Pennoyer

Debra Register

Sarah Reny: for Hold

Greg & Libby Robertson

Ericka Ross

Kay Ross: in memory of Jim Ross

Kevin Ryan

Pat Scully

David Stein*

Dianne Strandemo*: In honor of Kelly; in loving memory of a wonderful husband; in honor of cancer warrior Tanya Williams

Gay Strandemo: "Art for Art" 

Sarah Tanner 

Joanna Tower* 

Glenne & Ridge White*

Maureen Wihry

Laura Williams: "Art for Art" 

Hogan Wilson 

Barbara and David Yamarick

Michael Zimmerman 

* - signifies repeat donors

Join Us

Heiress Productions is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and all donations are tax-deductible. We invite you to find out more about donating, and about joining the wonderful community of supporters. 


Founding Donors

Continued thanks to all the generous donors who made Heiress possible. Founding donors are those who contributed from our date of incorporation in 2006 through pre-production of our first show, Lunch Hour, in March 2007.

$2500 or more

Nicholas Martin: in honor of Lyn Giesecke; in memory of Chris Giesecke

Chris & Tony Smith       

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ridgely White, V


Harry & Ruth Giesecke  

Gale Kroeger: in honor of Alexa Kroeger, Amy Russo; in memory of Carley Cuniff

John Ruotolo: in memory of Nicholas Ruotolo, Foster H. Richards

Ronald & Deborah Shear


Mary Hutchings Cooper 

Pamela Dent: in memory of Donna C. Dent

Chris LaGrego              

Christy Leonard: in honor of Richard Philbrick; in memory of Marie Striegel Brill, Harold Dobbie

John Luppo: in honor of Robert Luppo

Amy & John Phelan       

Amanda Koenig & Andrew Stone: in memory of Nancy Fleming

$250 to$499

Allyn Greeney: in memory of Robert Wolcott, Jr.

Megan & Michael Hodes

Monica & Leo Huang    

Barbara D. Paxton         

Maria & Larry Reina      

Franz Streitwieser: in memory of Ruth Giesecke

Randy L. Thomas & David M. Kutner: in memory of Barbara F. Thomas

Willis White                 

$100 to $249

Elaine Aikens      

Margaret & Scott Arthur: in honor of J.V. Arthur, Jr.

Bank of Clarke County   

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Berto: in memory of Anne Berto

Betty Blackway             

Linda Blatz: in honor of her sister, Susan; in memory of her mother, Jeanne

Stephen & Nancy Brown

Cheryl Bundy: in honor of Elisa Zachary; in memory of Fred Beyers

Robert Burner               

John & Valerie Chesley  

Jennifer & Curtis Cohen 

Elsa & Joseph Cordera   

Heather DeAngelis  

Donna & Richard Dick   

Linda & Chuck Duvall: in memory of Myrtis L. Vinson

Mary Ann & David Fell: in memory of Chris Giesecke

Lyn Giesecke: in memory of her mother, Chris Giesecke

Nancy Goldberg: in memory of Sophia Glickman Weinert

Karen Grund                 

Darla Hanley: in memory of her father, Chester Blesedell

Nora Lis Henderson       

Carol & Hank Herman: in memory of Philip Herman

Jennifer & James Hygrell: in memory of Chris Giesecke

Kashan Advertising       

Jo-Ann & James Kelliher

Shannon Kennedy         

Lynda Quinn Kornfeld   

$100 to $249

Stacey Lawrence Lee: in memory of Joan Shortino

Catherine Leonard: in honor of Richard Philbrick; in memory of Marie Striegel Brill,  Harold Dobbie

Lee Levi     

Charles & Elizabeth Mariotz: in memory of Anna May Cuneo

T.C. & Ed Martin: in memory of John O’Donnell

Kirsten & Richard Meadow: in memory of Morton Meadow, Dr. Bruce Pollack

Mary Prevosti               

Miriam Quart: in memory of Hannah Konsky

Elizabeth & Gregory Robertson: in honor of Mary Willis White

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Ross               

Margaret & Frank Ruotolo: in memory of Nicholas J. Ruotolo, Foster H. Richards

J.G. Russell

Germaine Salsberg        

Susan & Hartley Schearer              

Joanne Sepetjian            

Jephtha Tausig-Edwards 

The Vickers Family: in memory of Anna Spears, Vaughn Spears

Ann Welsh: in memory of Carol Jeffries

The Willhites: in memory of Theresa Schaeffer, Derwood Willhite

Deborah Wingert

Up to $99

Robb Barnard              

Mildred & Carl Bower   

Deborah & Thomas Farver    

Dana Forman              

Sharon Gaffney        

Debbie & Ken Gross: in memory of Jack Kula

Olive Head 

Janelle Hersey: in memory of Robert Bell

Susie Iden   

Marjorie & David Johnson              

Loretta & Stephen Johnston    

Carol & Phillip Jones     

Elisabeth Kracher    

Jurgen Kutscher    

Beth Larson: in memory of Irvin W. Gartside

Frances & Pete Lowe: in memory of Joanna Chirico

Daniel Macedo              

Zvonko Nikolich: in memory of his father; in honor of his mother, a cancer survivor

Patricia & Andrew O’Shaughnessy    

Drs. Dawn & Tom Peck 

Mr. & Mrs. James Rhodes        

Ashley Brook Rowe       

Karina Ruotolo              

Barb Sankovich: in honor of Anna Sandy

Martin Smith                

Margot Tohn                 

Candace Trace              

Sharon & Ryan Wade: in memory of Guy Joslin, Theresa Schaeffer

Ruth & Jack Wenrich     

Derval Whelan              

Paula Worden: in honor of Laura Faith

Matching Gifts

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund       

Mizuho USA Foundation, Inc.

The Moody’s Foundation

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