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Three  Movements

THREE MOVEMENTS by Martin Zimmerman was directed by Maura Farver. Inspired by the life of famed ballet choreographer George Balanchine,

Three Movements examines complex relationships between choreographer and dancer, the power of eroticism in art, and how people choose (or refuse) to confront illness and the aging process.  


THREE MOVEMENTS was produced at Theatre Row in the Fall of 2008. The cancer charity partner was US TOO. The cast included Erin Fogarty, Maria Portman Kelly, and Mike Timoney. The production was designed by Avichai Scher (choreography), Josh Zangen (scenic), Joel E. Silver (lighting), Melinda C. Basasa (costumes), and Sharath Patel (sound). Additional team members included Thomas Kingsley (SM), Holly Hight (assistant SM), Michelle Tabnick (press).

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