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An early morning phone call propels a mother and daughter on a path toward connection and the mysteries held in the act of letting go. 

HOLD is a 14 minute narrative short film directed by Josiah Junqueira Spencer and written by Kelly Strandemo. HOLD was shot on location in New York and New Jersey, and premieres at the Greenpoint Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY in August 2024.


Direction by

Josiah Junqueira Spencer​



Debra Monk  - Virginia

Kelly Strandemo   - Julia

 Celia Au  - Kiara

Martin Fisher  - Dr. Spitzer

John Jellison  -  Jim

Produced by

Mary Willis White

Laura Faith

Stephen Bailey

Josiah Spencer

Co-Producer & Production Coordinator

Colleen Castle


Line Producer

Lauren Sowa

Written by

Kelly Strandemo


First Assistant Director

Shayan Ajmal Farooq


Director of Photography

Conor Murphy


First Assistant Camera

Evan Wilkins


Second Assistant Camera / DIT

Emu Haynes



Sawyer Gaunt



Eli Freireich



David Kong


Sound Mixer

Walid Alhamdy


Script Supervisor

Michelle Karst


Costume Design

Jen Grubbs


Hair & Makeup

Addie Thompson


Hair Colorist

Mike Riz of Salon Riz


Production Designer

Gini X. Ramos


Art Director

Marie Ramos


Set Decorator

Haana Noel


Art Production Assistant

Paul Screvane


Production Assistants

Chloe Guerrera

Jackie McCarthy

Jonnathan Pintado

Hannah Stuczynski

Gabriella Thevenot


Medical Consultant

Deborah Foster


Additional Cast

Jude Hawkens  - Janitor

Jackie McCarthy  - Nurse

Giuseppe Defenza  - Receptionist

Jonathan T. Coleman  - Radio DJ



Lucas Moesch

Josiah Junqueira Spencer



Kath Raisch


Color Producer 

Jake Rioux


Color by

Company 3


Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer

David Forshee


BTS Photographer

Gina Renzi


Bilicks Jingle”

Matt Podd


Original Music 

Gustav Karlstrom


Additional VFX

Chakana VFX


Translation Consultants

Adam Zivkovic

Pierre Bonnaure

Phillip Guttmann


A film by Heiress Productions, Inc. and VOLTA


Heiress Productions is proud to employ artists who are members of SAG-AFTRA.  

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